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Classic Vs. Vintage and Returning

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Currently I am in the market for a new sax, having played on my Jupiter student model from 1994 for a good six years. Due to the price and reviews from other forum members, I am highly considering a Barone. I am concerned, however, if I am able to easily return the saxophone (for I had tried out a Yas-62II based on reviews here, and did not like it). I am also wondering about the difference between the vintage and classic models, because there is a solid difference in price between the two. I am going to buy an alto, and I am looking into the black nickel finish (recommendations on finishes accepted).
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its nice and refreshing to hear grimmel, evan1 and others give simple clear and concise description of the sound of these two horns.

Believe it or not, if you look and read around, most people can't or won't describe the fundamentals of the tonal qualities of a horn; as if it is sacrilegious to have a subjective though highly experienced opinion.

Yes there are loads of caveats, "you create your own sound and sound concept", "mouthpiece affects the sound", "different people sound different on the same horn", "you have to try it out to see if it matches your sound concept" etc. etc. ....OK OK I got it. All true...but there are fundamental tonal qualities to horns and they aren't that obscure or mysterious to characterize. They are somewhat based on bore and shape which are more or less immutable traits and influences to tonal quality, projection, character etc.

It has cleared up for me which I'd be leaning toward. I don't like a focused and "dry" a sound and I get the clear sense that the Vintage would be the one for me with more warmth and hopefully not too much spread
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