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Classic Vs. Vintage and Returning

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Currently I am in the market for a new sax, having played on my Jupiter student model from 1994 for a good six years. Due to the price and reviews from other forum members, I am highly considering a Barone. I am concerned, however, if I am able to easily return the saxophone (for I had tried out a Yas-62II based on reviews here, and did not like it). I am also wondering about the difference between the vintage and classic models, because there is a solid difference in price between the two. I am going to buy an alto, and I am looking into the black nickel finish (recommendations on finishes accepted).
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Fair question. Yes, traditionally there has been a 7-day return policy, but as another poster said, best to talk to Phil directly. You can get him by phone and he's pretty free and liberal with helping people out. He's probably the best one to describe the horns as well. My own experience is that the Classic horns are slightly less conical, yielding a more focused sound, more similar to some of the best saxophones of the 60's and 70's. By contrast, the Vintage series is somewhat more conical, with a slightly wider body near the bell as a result (you can verify this simply by putting each into the same saxophone stand by turns and looking at the fit). The resulting sound is broader, more like a vintage horn, especially a Conn or an older Martin. Depends on your preferred tone. It would be easier to get close to a sound like Richie Cole or Cannonball on the Classic, easier to get near Getz or Desmond on the Vintage. Also bear in mind that the choice of mouthpiece has a bigger impact on your sound than the choice of horn. Hope this helps.
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