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Classic Vs. Vintage and Returning

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Currently I am in the market for a new sax, having played on my Jupiter student model from 1994 for a good six years. Due to the price and reviews from other forum members, I am highly considering a Barone. I am concerned, however, if I am able to easily return the saxophone (for I had tried out a Yas-62II based on reviews here, and did not like it). I am also wondering about the difference between the vintage and classic models, because there is a solid difference in price between the two. I am going to buy an alto, and I am looking into the black nickel finish (recommendations on finishes accepted).
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Grimmel is correct. I have owned and played both a Vintage model and a Classic model. I opted for the Classic model because it does have a more focussed sound, as opposed to the Vintage which was a more spread sound. I will say the Vintage model had the most unbelievable bottom end I have EVER heard. Verbatim.

The classic is a great horn. I have four of them now. The black nickel I have in a soprano, as well as a gold plate in a soprano, plus a vintage gold lacquer and satin lacquer in a tenor. My favourite finishes are the satin lacquer and black nickel.

I hope this helps you.
I think you will be happy with the Vintage given your preference. Let us know how things go.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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