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Classic Saxophone Online

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Does anyone know if Classic Saxophone Online ( is "in business"?
I ordered a Vandoren Reed Resurfacer & Reed Stick from them 9/4/2007. It was payed the same day. And I got an order confirmation. But I haven´t got anything yet. I have send 3 emails and left a message on their phone answering machine, but gets no answer.
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Oh, yes 'm familiar with the company Classic Saxophone Online

I ordered a Rascher mouthpiece from this company this past August and then canceled the order (by email) within hours of my placing it (I had discovered the Rascher mouthpiece was more of a "classical" mouthpiece and I was interested in a "jazz" mouthpiece). My cancellation obviously did not get through because lo and behold I received the mouthpiece a month and a half later? I subsequently sent the mouthpiece back to the company without even opening the box it came in and have now phoned the company 5 times and emailed 3 times but still to this day have not received a refund on my credit card. I will never (and I repeat), never deal with this company again!! For the life of me, I don't understand how this company can remain in business.
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