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clarinette selmer Bb Balanced Tone

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I am looking for a vintage clarinette. Something with a nice hot and round sound... can someone tell me about the series "bt" balanced Tone...from 1933...serial n° : L3673
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Thank's for taking the time to answer.
It's not easy to find information in france (I live in France) on the BT series of selmer...this was if I'v understood, a series made by selmer france for the US.
On the bottom part is written:

sole agents
new york

I love old instruments from the US....I play a lovely sax sopran Buescher's from 1926...Elkhart too! And I just love it!
I hope that when I'v finished repadding it will play as well as you say.
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I Know of cours that Buescher is made US.
I live in a very little town called : Landudal...:) in I must admit that it seem's special to have an instrument from the US dating of 1933...
I play a lot af jazz with my vintage sopran buescher.Jazz and traditional music...I just have great plesasur with it! So, I hope that my selmer clarinette made in france but played in US will be great too! Of cours, it's not as simple as that but...what a life for an instrument!!!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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