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This clarinet will knock an R13 into the ground with no shame.

These are large bore clarinets so you'll find them very resonant and the altissimo very easy - and with plenty of 'shout' when you need it.

Have it fully restored by the best tech that you can afford so it's in top working order and you'll have a clarinet that is special, and no new clarinet on the market can come near to it.

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Thank's for taking the time to answer.
It's not easy to find information in france (I live in France) on the BT series of selmer...this was if I'v understood, a series made by selmer france for the US.
On the bottom part is written:

sole agents
new york

I love old instruments from the US....I play a lovely sax sopran Buescher's from 1926...Elkhart too! And I just love it!
I hope that when I'v finished repadding it will play as well as you say.

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A Balanced Tone soprano, even one with pinned joints, is truly a joy to play. If you have managed to land one in excellent shape, watch the environment in which it is stored very carefully, the better to keep it alive for another fifty years.

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to clear something up that you (or me) may have a misunderstanding

The NewYork - Elkhart is just the Importing Agents used. THe BT is a Paris made instrument.

versus the Bueschers you mentioned which are US made

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I had a BT. I thought I would get a bigger sound than my Buffet R13, but my Buffet is from 1959 and has a larger bore than the later R13s. I must say that played back to back, my Buffet had a richer chalemeu register and a cleaner altissimo. I might be just some freak R13 that I have, or perhaps all of the R13s of that vintage play like it. Anyway, I sold the BT and now I play my R13. I've also got an old Buffet Albert System.

I miss the keywork on my old BT. It was a full Boehm, with an extra ring for the g/c key.

The BT was indeed a Paris made horn for the world market. I beleive it was the North American destributor (Selmer USA) that came up with the names "Balanced Tone", "Centred Tone" and the like. So a BT bought in Paris might not have a "BT" stamped on it, but it would be the same horn.

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I Know of cours that Buescher is made US.
I live in a very little town called : Landudal...:) in I must admit that it seem's special to have an instrument from the US dating of 1933...
I play a lot af jazz with my vintage sopran buescher.Jazz and traditional music...I just have great plesasur with it! So, I hope that my selmer clarinette made in france but played in US will be great too! Of cours, it's not as simple as that but...what a life for an instrument!!!
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