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Clarinet Refurbishing Advice Please

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I am thinking of trying my hand at refurbishing old clarinets. From my side this is a retirement hobby- I have no delusions about making a living doing this. I've always enjoyed working small wood projects and more recently stereo electronics and I love playing the clarinet since I started 9 months ago.
My question is - What is a good clarinet to start on. One that will not present any weird complications. That is reasonably straight forward with parts readily available. I was thinking B&H or Noblet or Selmer Signet. I am playing a Signet, but I don't know if that's much of a consideration. Cost to buy an instrument is certainly an issue my pension doesn't stretch very far. That's why I'm considering these horns.
I would certainly appreciate any advice you folks might have [rolleyes]

cheers- preston
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I would get a clarinet that you know plays - that way once you strip it down and replace all the corks, pads etc you'll know that if it doesnt play wel its because of how you have repaired it and not due to other factors - eg a leaking tone hole chimney or register key pip for example.

For other work such as removing and fitting springs you could just practice on a real junker that has a sheared tenon etc

If you can afford it I would also recommend you get Reg Thorpe's complete woodwind repair book.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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