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My community band, The Chester County Concert Band, is looking for clarinet players to fill in for our July, 21th show on the music pier in Ocean City. Show starts at 8pm. Due to vacations, many of our regulars have canceled out. We're typically 70 to 80 members strong, but only 53 have committed to this show so far.

A few things to know;

1) No pay. It's a free concert to the public. All money received by the band go to expenses.

2) You must be able to read music very well. The music is challenging and not for complete newbies.

3) For this show, we aren't needing sax players. You are welcome to join the band for future events. Feel free to come out to hear us play.

About the band...

We're a community band of hobbyist and amateurs. Although, we do have many professionals sitting in with us. The quality of musicianship is very high. I may be the weak link ;)

Please see our contact page or email our director David Reif at wreif (at) yahoo (com) to express interest. Tell 'um Tim sent you :)
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