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Hello, fellow forum hornheads,

I've been looking for durable, acoustically-responsive pad options for my old Jean Dumont/Martin Frères clarinet from the 60's.
It's currently padded with cork for ring and registry keys, bladder for side trills and lower body cups.

I'm sticking to Ferree's Tools options, since they're the only supplier shipping to my country (Chile). No one else does, not even at an extra charge as I suggested. AliExpress shows some options too, at convenient prices, but I'm not sure about the quality yet. MusicMedic's cheapest shipping option for my country is $58 for a $35 pad set, so let's forget about it.

I had considered the following combinations:

1. Full synthetic repad (B12 pad set: 9.5mm x 13, 11.5mm x 2, 16mm x 4)
2. Half synthetic (B12 upper body), half leather (B3 lower body + register key)
3. Full leather repad (B3 set)
4. Half premium double-bladder (B17 "de'jur" upper body), half leather (B3 lower body + register key)
5. Full premium double-bladder (B17 "de'jur" set) + leather (registry key)

As for what I've read both here and in the Clarinet BBoard:

Folks comment that synthetic options as in 1. and 2., although durable and airtight, seem to be prone to condensation in comparison to natural-material pads; condensation is a problem with this clarinet; after 10 minutes of playing, gargling noises ensue. Therefore, I may put these options on hold for now.

Option 3., according to user feedback, may darken the sound when installed on the upper body (upper partials dampening), however they're airtight and very durable. I'm looking for confirmation or rebuttal of this point.

Options 4. and 5. may be more traditional in materials and therefore yield expected tactile and acoustic feedback, but then again, I'm not sure about durability.
I'm trying to extend the period between repads.

So there; that's the post.

Let the holy pad wars begin.
Chime in with your experiences, both as players and technicians.
I'm all eyes :glasses1:

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I don't do clarinets, but IMO have a look at Kraus Music and JL Smith & Co (if the latter is still around, not sure, but Kraus is open and shipping orders) before you commit.
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