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I recently bought a used Vandoren clarinet mouthpiece, and when it arrived it was obviously refaced by hand, the initials JC are engraved on the mouthpiece, I assume the refacer's initials. I got the mouthpiece from a seller in Chattanooga TN, they are not players and have no idea about mouthpieces. The piece plays very well, and I'd love to know who did the work on it. Does anyone have an idea who JC might be?

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At least it’s not JV (Joe the butcher).
I like how some think it’s possible to tell by looking at the facing.
I’ve had a few pieces faced by the same refacer that all look different.
I’ve also seen pieces that were supposedly refaced by (insert respected refacers name here) that looked as those they were defaced by the infamous Joe the Butcher.
All that aside I’m sure it was done by John Coltrane.

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He goes by many names;

Jesus Christ
Jesus Of Nazareth
Son of God
The Saviour
The Messiah
Light of the World
Prince of Peace etc

You have a very special piece there, my friend . . .
Aha, the holy grail mouthpiece we keep hearing about.
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