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Hi, folks.

I'm the composer of a two-movement work for saxophone quartet called Cityscapes.
It was commissioned and recorded (in 2005) by the Osland Saxophone Quartet. (

Without any sort of publishing deal or promotion on my end, word has gotten out about this piece, and I've sent it to quartets nationwide, as well as in London and Japan.
I've been quite surprised and tickled byt the overwhelmingly positive responses I've gotten on this work.

If you have a moment now, go to my website and give it a listen:
I'm told it's a unique crossover work, in the same league as works by Gordon Goodwin, Bob Mintzer, and Mike Mower.

And, if you'd like to try it with your quartet, you can purchase a set of PDFs directly from my website and start working on it today!

Thanks for allowing me to give this plug.

Best of luck,
~ Rick Hirsch
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