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Chu Soprano

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I'm a High School Senior that plays ATB and Soprano only twice. For Solo & Ensemble Festival, the other students want to do a Sextet with two Sopranos (Allegro, I'm not sure by whom).

So I've been looking into a soprano for a bit, just looking to see if I could find a good deal, but not really pushing the idea too much.

I came across a Chu that was Overhauled a few months back and "hasn't been touched much since," for $600 currently. This seems a good deal, so I was looking into it.

Would this be a good option? I generally don't play my New Wonder Alto classically, but with Soprano would I be able to get away with it? With the Ergos? The rather "jazzy" sound I have with my Conn alto? I'm trying to cut down on the spending on horns currently. As a Senior in High School I've already got 5 saxes, a clarinet, 3 guitars, a piano, and a bass guitar so I'm looking for some bang for the buck.

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I'll soon be a music major. Would a soprano be something I'd need to invest in anyway for Quartets and such? And if so... Would this last me?
It should be excellent musically, assuming it doesn't need repadding or overhauling for awhile.

I say musically because it's really a policy issue. Music majors generally need to follow the equipment policy of their studio. Saxes this old are usually off limits - not strictly because of tone or intonation - just too "different."
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