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Chu Soprano

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I'm a High School Senior that plays ATB and Soprano only twice. For Solo & Ensemble Festival, the other students want to do a Sextet with two Sopranos (Allegro, I'm not sure by whom).

So I've been looking into a soprano for a bit, just looking to see if I could find a good deal, but not really pushing the idea too much.

I came across a Chu that was Overhauled a few months back and "hasn't been touched much since," for $600 currently. This seems a good deal, so I was looking into it.

Would this be a good option? I generally don't play my New Wonder Alto classically, but with Soprano would I be able to get away with it? With the Ergos? The rather "jazzy" sound I have with my Conn alto? I'm trying to cut down on the spending on horns currently. As a Senior in High School I've already got 5 saxes, a clarinet, 3 guitars, a piano, and a bass guitar so I'm looking for some bang for the buck.

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I personally am not really bothered by the ergos of older Conns (I play a Chu tenor) but it depends on you - what you're switching from and how much you are bothered by changing ergos.

As far as sound, I think Chu sopranos (which is really a misnomer since Chu berry was a tenor player haha) sound really fantastic. The have a round, warm sound that is quite different from modern horns such as selmers or yamahas. The catch is that if you aren't used to them, pitch can be squirrelly. They won't lock in for you, you have to be paying attention. This is just based on my own experience and I play with a "jazz"-type setup so it could well be different for you.

As always, try it out for yourself. $600 seems like decent price to me if it really has been recently overhauled.
I don't think the general ergos are an issue on my alto, but the left hand pinky takes a little getting used to. I understand pitch is normally the main issue with many Sopranos. Would I be better off cheaper modern horn?

My other question, which I forgot to mention in my original post. I'll soon be a music major. Would a soprano be something I'd need to invest in anyway for Quartets and such? And if so... Would this last me?

Is it really a "Chu" (nail file G# and all) or earlier (rounded G#)? If it's an earlier model, it's possible that the palm keys would be a little less comfortable and the intonation a little more work. Good Conn sopranos sound great and are fun to play.
Dang it... I looked at via my phone so I didn't look at all the pictures immediately. Now that I realize it, there is no Nailfile G#.

From what I understand, there's no much difference between the Chu and NWI right?

Interesting. I like my NWI better than my buddies Chu; But that doesn't mean much. He hasn't taken the best care of the horn.

I've never liked playing Soprano very much, but I feel it may be something I'll HAVE to do. Would others agree with that?
Could a NWI for 600 be suitable for this?

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