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Chu Soprano

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I'm a High School Senior that plays ATB and Soprano only twice. For Solo & Ensemble Festival, the other students want to do a Sextet with two Sopranos (Allegro, I'm not sure by whom).

So I've been looking into a soprano for a bit, just looking to see if I could find a good deal, but not really pushing the idea too much.

I came across a Chu that was Overhauled a few months back and "hasn't been touched much since," for $600 currently. This seems a good deal, so I was looking into it.

Would this be a good option? I generally don't play my New Wonder Alto classically, but with Soprano would I be able to get away with it? With the Ergos? The rather "jazzy" sound I have with my Conn alto? I'm trying to cut down on the spending on horns currently. As a Senior in High School I've already got 5 saxes, a clarinet, 3 guitars, a piano, and a bass guitar so I'm looking for some bang for the buck.

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I have owned most brands of sopranos including 3 Mark VIs and my Chu is the best in tune and good sounding horn I have owned. I just paid $1,200 for another one so for $600 it is a steal. Even the series one is a good horn. I really like the thumb ring as it helps to hold the horn. Go for it!
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