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Not that my endorsement means much, but I just got my SA 80 series 1 alto back from the forum's own Chu-Jerry. Jerry overhauled and relacquered my sax and did a magnificent job.

Jerry installed white Roo pads with Maestro Star Airtight gold plated resonaters, and man, what a difference they have made. If you're looking for this type of work, I highly recommend Chu-Jerry!

Jerry does NO BUFFING at all on his refinishing, so there's no concern for lost metal or engraving. I had him refinish my horn with a dark gold lacquer, similar to the Ref. 54 color.

Notice the clarity of the original engraving. When I first contacted Jerry i told him that i expected to get the engraving re-traced after the job was done. He assured me that there was no need. I now agree.

There are some more before and after pics at:

Pardon the picture quality. I shot the after pics with my camera at work today.

The really, really cool thing about all of this is that I got everything from somebody here on sax on the web (besides the Selmer Jazz F face mpc). I bought the Walt Johnson case from Kritavi, the Selmer case cover (brand new!) from EmoHippster, the Barone solid copper neck from bfoster64 and of course, the overhaul and relacquer from Chu-Jerry. I would definitely recommend every one of these guys for anything that might offer.
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