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Christmas Music Tracks

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Does Anyone know where I could get some play-along/backing tracks of christmas music? I would like to find something jazz/contemp biased instead of straight forward) (preferably free)

We have a ton of family coming over and My 10year old daughter (taking sax yeah!!) wants to play a duet with me and her for the family.

Thanks in advance!
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Aebersold has one that is nice - all familar tunes in a jazz setting.

Hal Leonard Jazz Series has three - all good. The Hal Leonard series had a nice bonus feature of the split track played by a pro - and then the other track without melody so that you can fill in. One of those three is the Peanuts gang's tunes.

Check out the Switchboard on Bayview Sax's site (see the Post Your Tune in this same thread). You can hear many of the backings described above and what various posters have done with them.

Some of my postings below use some of those backings too.
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