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Chris Kratt made in Holland

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Hi, I'm looking for any information on a tenor sax made in Holland. The bell reads "Chris Kratt Music Co. Inc. Union, N.J." and "made in Holland" is stamped on the back of the body. It has rolled tone holes. It plays okay considering how much it cost (not much!) but I'm wondering if it is worth putting money into. I am attaching a photo and would appreciate any information.
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I would be very, very careful in assuming that Schenkelaars has had any significant co-operation with West-Germany Keilwerth....they were more likely to have had something to do with Amati or East Germany Keilwerth or B&S-Weltklang.

They are very common in Holland (as you would think) and they are universally being discarded by technicians here as very poorly made saxophones. I seriously doubt them being a hidden jewel somewhere between a MK VI and a Conn 10M. All the ones I have seen were at the very best low level saxophones.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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