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Chords to Greetings to Idris

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Anyone have the chords to Greetings to Idris by Pharoah Sanders or know where I can find them? I've checked fake books, SOTW search, and internet search so far.

Thanks very much,
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Just happened across this. I use:

C-7 | F-7 | C-7 | F-7 | G-7| A-7 | DbMaj7 | EbMaj7||

Sadly, the OP gave up looking 6 years ago and sold his sax.

No joke. I really am heartbroken about this. This was the OP's final post, may his sax playing RIP:

Note to others looking for changes in the future, if you don't get a reply within a decade or so, figure them out for yourself. It's not too difficult if you listen to the bass line and know what the basic chord qualities sound like (major, minor, dominant, etc.). This particular tune only has 6 chords to figure out.
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Go back to F-7 after G-7, it is not A-7.
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