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I've been enjoying this tune by Juan Tizol & Duke Ellington, and I've been doodling around with the melody on soprano and clarinet. (It's on the Columbia release "The Duke's Men: Small Groups, Vol. 1.") Sounds almost like Klezmer when Barney Bigard plays it, then sounds like a pretty tune when Tizol comes in, and then like "jungle music" when Cootie Williams takes over.

I'd like to get the changes down so I can play it with friends. But I'm pretty bad at figuring out chords from a recording. I think the chords to this one should be straightforward, but I can't find them all. Anyone know the changes to "Jubilesta"? Have the sheet music? Want to figure out the changes and share them with the rest of us?

Just thought I'd ask.
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