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Chord Changes for 'Remember' from Soul Station????

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Hi. I was wondering if anybody could give me the chords to the tune 'Remember' from Hank Mobley's 'Soul Station' album? I've been learning the solo but it seems abit stupid if I dont know what the chords are. Thanks for your help!!!
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whoa...with those chords up against the melody it looks a little weird at first...
yeah I know i did. It was just the B7 against the melody seems off, but then when I began to transcribe the solo Mobley outlines the B7 so its fine.
saxymanzach said:
Now that I think about it, the V7 chord was substituted, not the I chord.
I know, I saw that when I first saw it. I just took a look at the original version by Irving Berlin and it makes sense.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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