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Choosing between two pieces.

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Hello all! I plan on purchasing a new mouthpiece this weekend, but I'm stuck between two choices. I was a bit reluctant to make a thread, but I really could use the help to make this choice.
I'm set on a Vandoren Optimum mouthpiece, but I can't decide between either a tl3 or tl4. If it's any assistance I am playing on an S80 right now. I believe that the tl3 is only slightly bigger in tip opening than the s80, and the tl4 is I think maybe .90 something.
Again, if it's any help I usually use size 3 Vandoren traditionals and sometimes 3.5. I really like v12's, but the 3's are bit too hard for me so I plan on buying a few boxes of 2.5's when I order my mouthpiece.
Thank you for reading!
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The TL3 is 1,76 mm = .069". The TL 4 is 1,95 mm = .077" If the s80 is a C*, it is around .071".
The Vandoren brochure says that the TL3 has a medium/Short facing and "Roundness, depth and precision", while the TL4 has a medium facing length and a "richer timbre than the TL3".
The Vandoren Optimum is "The favorite of classical saxophonists" according to the same brochure.
You are welcome to call me on 4818 4574 if you wish to know more about different facing lengths etc.. I am Danish, live north of Copenhagen and have a certain amount of experience with saxophone mouthpieces.
Usually a shorter facing curve will make a reed feel harder. A longer facing curve makes a reed feel softer. That's been my experience. If the TL3 has a shorter facing curve I wouldn't be surprised if a reed feels the same or a little harder than the C*.
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