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Choosing between two pieces.

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Hello all! I plan on purchasing a new mouthpiece this weekend, but I'm stuck between two choices. I was a bit reluctant to make a thread, but I really could use the help to make this choice.
I'm set on a Vandoren Optimum mouthpiece, but I can't decide between either a tl3 or tl4. If it's any assistance I am playing on an S80 right now. I believe that the tl3 is only slightly bigger in tip opening than the s80, and the tl4 is I think maybe .90 something.
Again, if it's any help I usually use size 3 Vandoren traditionals and sometimes 3.5. I really like v12's, but the 3's are bit too hard for me so I plan on buying a few boxes of 2.5's when I order my mouthpiece.
Thank you for reading!
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I found a TL3 to be a welcome change from playing various S80s, (some refaced) and Rascher mouthpieces. It has the best response of all the tenor classical pieces I've tried, bar none. It does play different from an S80 though. Read my review here:

Try both the TL3 and TL4 if you can. Also consider the T20. I personally found it too dark, but different strokes different folks.

What ligature are you currently using? If it is a Rovner, I recommend switching away. Regarding tip opening, use what just works. Don't go with "intended voices" or whatever. If it plays well, that's what matters. This especially applies to Vandoren designs; unlike some competitors, they generally know what they're doing and every piece plays well.
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