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Choosing between two pieces.

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Hello all! I plan on purchasing a new mouthpiece this weekend, but I'm stuck between two choices. I was a bit reluctant to make a thread, but I really could use the help to make this choice.
I'm set on a Vandoren Optimum mouthpiece, but I can't decide between either a tl3 or tl4. If it's any assistance I am playing on an S80 right now. I believe that the tl3 is only slightly bigger in tip opening than the s80, and the tl4 is I think maybe .90 something.
Again, if it's any help I usually use size 3 Vandoren traditionals and sometimes 3.5. I really like v12's, but the 3's are bit too hard for me so I plan on buying a few boxes of 2.5's when I order my mouthpiece.
Thank you for reading!
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I also think the C* is too closed. If I were to use a Selmer, it would be an E or more open. I would go with the Vandoren.
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