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"Chicagoan" = Martin Stencil?

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I was checking out an old sax in person yesterday -- a "Chicagoan" alto. Beveled tone holes, which tells me it's a Martin. The alt-F# key on the right hand doesn't have a key pearl, just like Handcrafts...but doesn't have the split bell keys...both on the left side, engraving on the front.

Never heard of this stencil...wish I had a photo to upload. Is this ringing a bell to anyone? I read that Martin handcraft stencils can be valuable...Not sure.

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It sounds like a Martin stencil from the 1930s. Look at the right hand stack and see if there is an extra tone hole and key just below the D. If so, it is the alt Eb that is usually on the rear of the tube but Martin used this on the Troubadors and stencils in the 30s.
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