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chega de saudade (NO MORE BLUES)

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Hi guys,
would appreciate constructive suggestion on sound in this thing.!Ar0t68kb42Tx3FFvz5PYAzTMIToY?e=Oc5K96

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pobeda: Man, you have such an individual sound and interpretatlon of the head. I like it, it doesn't sound like the usual tenor sound. Maybe a little bit too much "frying eggs" which we used to call the airy/spitty sound, and out of control can be too much. Good solo and a little Grieg at the end made me smile. You kept me listening throughout.
George, thanks for the feedback... sorry for confusion :). You are right... it doesn't sound like the usual tenor sound. Because it is alto :(. You are not first here that confusing my alto with tenor (unusual :) ).
From one side - you say I like it, so I should be quiet proud ... But now I am freaking confused. Yes, I don't have this nice mellow, steady beautiful and etc sax sound like many here have as a base.
Should I drop my sax in the deep corner of the closet and never touch it anymore? I cannot because need the sax as the air and in the same closet that mentioned do my 5-7 min mouth piece and 5-7 min overtones daily.

Once I read on some forum (may be even it was on our SOTW) a note about tenor sound on alto as a bad sign... then after a while read some reputable critic notes about one of the big alto players (if remember correctly it was about Jackie McLean) and tenor like sound on alto was noted as special personal thing.
Go figure :)… So my weird sound is my "cross". And in my old age :) (61) I will try to get one day (may be) what is called SAX sound.

About "frying eggs", I didn't realize it... Probably just have to remove and clean the neck and piece prior to recording. Yes it is so noticeable. And like after each TOTM I get something from people advices and trying to improve.

I love so much "Chega…"... I will probably record another take and if you'll want it would be a pleasure to hear another word from you.

Thanks again.
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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