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chega de saudade (NO MORE BLUES)

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Hi guys,
would appreciate constructive suggestion on sound in this thing.!Ar0t68kb42Tx3FFvz5PYAzTMIToY?e=Oc5K96

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pobeda: Man, you have such an individual sound and interpretatlon of the head. I like it, it doesn't sound like the usual tenor sound. Maybe a little bit too much "frying eggs" which we used to call the airy/spitty sound, and out of control can be too much. Good solo and a little Grieg at the end made me smile. You kept me listening throughout.
It's a bit embarrassing not to hear the difference between alto & tenor. Must be my age too (83). Nevertheless, no matter what horn it is I like the sound. Great tune & not so easy to solo on. If you do it again, let me hear it. Jackie McLean is my favorite alto player so maybe that's a clue.
Best wishes,
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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