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Music shops with any sort of selection are thin on the ground up here.

It depends on the sort of budget you have and how dedicated you are to learning.
There are a couple of options, you could hire a new student model from a reputable supplier, they will usually deduct the hire charges if you later decide to purchase. If you decide to jack it in you are only out the hire charges.

ebay is a source of second hand and nearly new tenor saxophones (and some rubbish) where people have bought them and then decided shortly afterwards that "they haven't the time to practice" (translation: they usually can't hack it) and want to sell.

I'd been learning to play my alto for a year when I decided to also buy a tenor.
I studied the market on ebay for a while and bought such a second-hand tenor for around £160 which was in excellent condition and later sold it for a 25% profit.
If you walk into Dawsons or Forsyths in Manchester, they'll have some Trevor James saxes. These often come up ebay. They are supposed to be a reasonably good student instrument.
You could look at "completed listings" and see what sort of prices various saxes went for and the descriptions the sellers gave of the instrument. You can also find out what the purchaser thought of it too, by checking the buyer's feed back. This may give you some ideas (you could check 'em out with the kind people on here).
Someone may tell you different, but within reason as long as it "works", I mean it's easy enough to play, I don't think it matters too much what sax you buy to start.
My first concern would be not to be too much out of pocket if I decided not to continue with learning.

Whatever you buy, if you stick at it you'll want to "upgrade" sooner than you think. Then there's mouthpieces..and..and...

I kept my "clunker" (It was an Arbiter, some will tell you "bits fall off 'em", but mine was very well made) for a year and then bought a Yamaha T62 on-line, (as my Alto's a Yamaha and it is so well made).
I didn't go for the cheapest price although there wasn't a lot of difference, but I chose a music shop in Leeds which isn't too far from Manchester for whenever it may need checking out in the future.
Yamahas have a reputation for playing "straight out of the box."
My teacher thought it played as well as his MkVI, if I only half believe him it's a good enough recommendation for me.
I'm sure you'll get plenty of good advice on here. It's best not to rush into any hasty purchase.
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