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Cheap soprano sax motorboating

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I have a Kohlert 709 soprano sax that I picked up cheap. It is a Viet Nam sax, and though it appears well made, it has a significant problem. The lower register keys (right hand) all cause fluttering, motorboating when you play it. The only way to remedy this is to push the mouthpiece (Metalite) in all the way on the cork. Then the horn is way out of tune. Does anyone know of any way to fix this problem, other then making a lamp out of the horn?:dontknow:
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it is possible that you need to push the mouthpiece further down, try that while you relax your embouchure, often times people pinch their embouchure so that they bend the notes so much that it looks like they are in tune with a mouthpiece position that is not optimal and if you bring it to the optimal position that is out out tune because your embouchure is too tense.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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