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cheap, quick fix for a wobbly Conn microtuner

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I figured out a little trick on my 6M, the inner threaded ring with the two notches wasn't properly screwed in all the way and seems to be stuck, there is no grub screw either. The mouthpiece moves about 5mm up and down since this ring is not tight, no matter where the tuner sleeve is, in our out. There is no air leak, just this annoying motion which is unplayable. I didn't bother with PB blaster since I don't have a spanning wrench anyway. I tried greasing it up to see if that would lessen the movement, didn't help at all, just quieter instead of a clicking sound. I almost resigned to epoxying the thing but then realized another way...

I thought of using a washer but didn't want to hunt for one the right diameter and thickness if it even exists, and realized I could use a piece of silicone. I have a baking sheet about 3mm thick silicone I use for miscellaneous projects (making valves for a bagbipe bag and bellows, for instance) and cut a rectangular piece about 1/4"x 1" and put the strip in the tuner sleeve end. When I screwed it back on I was careful to not let the silicone overlap the tongue that goes in the groove, just slowly turned till it was all the way on. The 1/4" silicone up against the inner flange provides more than enough pressure to keep the mouthpiece end totally firm, and also the friction makes the sleeve turn with less play. hope this helps someone out there.

Best part... no greasy smelly penetrating oil!

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