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Hey crew. I got called last minute to do a wedding with an out of town band that does, shall we call them southern country rock hits as well as some top 40. The gig is Saturday. They do some current stuff that I don't know and don't have time to chart, as well as some old wedding favorites. Reaching out in case anybody here might have a Bb chart for any of these that they would consider sharing?

Home (Edward Sharp)
Signed Sealed/Respect F/Bb
I Wanna Dance With Somebody F-G (opening line,
Billie Jean/ Thriller F#m-C#m (simple line)
Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)/Happy (Pharell)
Uptown Funk Dm (chart?!)
I Will Survive Am
Treasure Eb
Celebration/Let’s Groove/We Are Family
September D
Can’t Hold Us Em
Can't Stop The Feeling B
You Are The Best Thing C
You Look Good
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