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Recently bought one interesting item (better to say, strange music memorabilia item of Charlie Rich; I am very like this famous American singer)

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) has awarded Charlie Rich for its song "The barmaid". But I do not know such song and could not find any information on such song anywhere.
Also I see a strange label (back side, second photo) that the musician is awarded as Producer of a song "Since I fell for you" (Well-known that producer of this song is and Johnson Woodrow, Buddy). But this name is crossed out and is written "The barmaid).

All word on the lable:
F-0790 Award
Charlie Rich Display Case #37
ASCAP, 1975. To Charlie Rich. Producer of the Outstanding Country Song. Since I Fell For You.

Who can say , it is an original item or an joke/fake...?
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