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1958 Selmer Mark VI, 1926 Conn New Wonder
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Hi All,

I am currently writing my postgrad dissertation on Charlie Parker, and was wondering if I could ask for some help from the community.

I'm doing a transcription project on Bir's Blues solos, and was wondering if anyone could suggest to me the very first blues recording by Bird that they know of. This would be a massive help, as I'm hoping to analyse how his style evolved over the years.

Any help you could offer would be massively appreciated.

Thanks so much everyone!


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Well here is what looks to me like a fairly good discography.

But surely a postgrad can find this on his/her own, no? Am I missing something?

There are several blues there from 1940 and 1941 and i presume he solos at least once or twice if not on every one. Do you have those recordings? If not, I guess it's a good place to start.

And here's the recording you need:

That took about 5 minutes.

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There's a CD set called Charlie Parker: A Studio Chronicle 1940-1948 available from Amazon etc. There are also some home recordings that were discussed on SOTW recently.
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