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There are at least two CP memorial concert recordings: one from 1965 originally released on the Limelight label, and one from 1970 released on the Chess label. I spent a little time listening to the second last evening. It's an interesting artifact, recorded in August 1970 in Chicago, at the North Park Hotel which was probably then the site of The Jazz Showcase, and I assume Joe Segal probably organized the event. The first notable thing that comes to mind: Bird would have turned 50 that August. Second, for a really down period in jazz, the line-up, a mixture of "locals" and nationally recognized names, is pretty impressive. Dexter Gordon, who was supposed to be exiled in Europe at the time only to re-emerge in the U.S. in the mid-70s, was there. Red Rodney, then in the midst of a long, dark night of the soul, was there and sounding pretty good. Vi Redd, Rufus Reid, Lee Konitz, Kenny Dorham, Ray Nance, Roy Haynes, Philly Joe Jones, Howard McGhee, and Eddie Jefferson were also visiting, and the Chicago contingent included Richard Abrams, Von Freeman, Joe Daley, Jodie Christian, John Young, Wilbur Campbell, and Art Hoyle.

The piano is clunky-sounding, the sound in general just ok, and the CD is a direct rip from the record I think, but it's still an interesting listen.

Amazingly, considering these were already veterans of the bop era, some of the participants survive almost fifty years later: Roy Haynes, Joe Segal, Vi Redd, Rufus Reid, and Art Hoyle (I think).

By any chance did anyone here attend this event?

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