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Charles McPherson

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Here's a link to a great interview with Charles McPherson-it's actually been online for years but is worth checking out. He's a good player to read about and listen to as he's experimented a lot with equipment over the years and has such a beautiful sound. I posted it here as he makes some interesting points about alto sax mouthpiece/instrument combinations.

One of the many things I noticed when seeing him play live was the sheer amount of air he took when he breathing-it felt as though the entire theatre was going to be sucked into his lungs.

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He was incredible a couple of weeks ago at Pearls in San Francisco.
His son was outstanding on drums, as were the young pianist and bassist.
Waaaay up tempo Cherokee, could have been 400.
"Darn that dream" taken completely apart. Alto sound was perfect.
He played a mark VI, probably with a Meyer.
If you get a chance to hear him live, don't miss it.
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