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Hey guys, thanks to all who helped advise me on cleaning my piece.. I am curious though, what are the characteristics (growly, brighter) in comparison to other mpc's out there.
It's a tenor otto, says 5(star) and super tone master on it.

I am playing it with a selmer bundyII (don't laugh, it does sound good!)

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scaryjapan said:
hello..... hello ... echo..... echo......
It sounds like you have a regular Otto Link Super Tone Master. Assuming it is faced decently it should give you the traditional warm, not too bright sound of a Link due to its baffle shape and larger chamber. Lots of jazz saxophonists used Links such as Coltrane, Ben Webster, Sonny Rollins, etc., albeit the ones they used were somewhat different. Yours can be made to sound brighter if desired with a baffle added or perhaps choice of reeds. I have a new NY version of a 5* and it sounds very nice .I also have a 7* NY with an added dental wax baffle which gives it greater volume and more edge. I don't use it for my loud Rock, Blues gigs because it doesn't cut through very well ( the higher partials just aren't there for me, loud as it is) A higher baffle piece with a somewhat smaller chamber work better, at least for me, for that purpose.They tend to have more "edge" which seems to cut through the mix better in louder gigs. You can growl on any mouthpiece since this is something you do with your throat. At normal volumes (easy to listen to), the Link can do everything you need.Enjoy your mouthpiece and play some pretty music!
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