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Champion tenor saxophone

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I was wondering about saxophones make. There is writen "Champion" on the bell and the serial number is 589** . Can enybody tell who has made this sax and is it worth to invest money in it? Thank you!
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Can you post a picture?

Above the serial number does it say JK - Best in the World?
no, there is written GDR (which means that its made in Germany (i think))
I learned to play on a BM "Champion" and, while they are made like the proverbial brick outhouse, and I played mine for about 5 years without a service, I wouldn't recommend spending much on one. They are certainly durable but will never be a great, or even a good, horn. Marching band stuff. They were made in East germany.
It's a little late in posting about these saxophones ,but for the sake of reference here is what Bassic Sax has to say about F.X Huller saxophones. The F. X. Hüller company was started by Franz Xaver Hüller in Graslitz. There, in the early 1920s, Hüller began building saxophones under the guidance of Max Keilwerth. Max was of course the brother of Julius, and would later go to work for Hohner in Germany where he developed the Hohner President saxophones. However, early on in his career, Max was instrumental in the development of F.X. Hüller’s saxophone department.

F.X. Hüller built saxophones for nearly 25 years—until the company was integrated into the Amati collective. During that 25 year period, F.X. Hüller made 4 models of saxophones. They were the base model Champion; the intermediate level World model; the professional model World Super; and the top of the line model, the World De Luxe.

Franz Hüller died in 1936, and after that the company was run by his daughters, Susanna Riedl and Philipine Modl. After the war Philipine’s husband built a factory for brass instruments. This new factory was located in Neustadt/Aisch, Germany. Everything that remained in Graslitz after WWII was absorbed into the collective that became known as Amati.

F.X. Hüller saxophones are quite rare, and do not appear for sale very often. This rather stunning example of their top of the line World De Luxe model, popped up on eBay in September 2010.
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