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Centaur Clarinet?

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Happy Saturday from Mid-Atlantic U.S.
I have a Centaur clarinet made in Italy that my parents gave me in about 1965. It appears to be grenadilla. I haven't played it for years and I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of such a beast.
I did a couple of quick searches both here on the site and on the net but didn't get any hits.
What do you think? Rampone, maybe?
Just curious...
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if it were a saxophone there are only so many brands that could have made it but a clarinet makes things way more complicated.

Rampone & Cazzani certainly made many clarinets but in 1965 it is way more likely that it was an Orsi. I am not familar with the stencil brandname " centaur" does this clarinet have any distinctive features?

you may want to contact the Bate's collection

I am afraid that if the clarinet has no distinctive feature you may never discover who made it
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