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CE Winds Silver Shocka

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How bright are these? I know the baffle looks huge (in my size:mrgreen:) but every sound clip I hear is this lush Link-like sound. Is everybody backing off or something like that? Can it play like the Guardala MBII and Super King it was designed after?
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Do the mouthpieces come with the ligs and caps shown? There is no mention if they are included in the description. If so are they actually usable or just throw away quality like the horrible Guardala ligatures?
What's the new mp going to be like if you don't mind curiosity seekers like me wanting to know what's in the pipeline? Any recommendations on ligatures to fit your pieces? I bought a couple Guardalas and to my surprise the metal tenor Selmer 3 band lig doesn't fit, I needed the alto lig so that's on it's way.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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