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CE Winds Silver Shocka

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How bright are these? I know the baffle looks huge (in my size:mrgreen:) but every sound clip I hear is this lush Link-like sound. Is everybody backing off or something like that? Can it play like the Guardala MBII and Super King it was designed after?
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They are in. I'll be in Ft Myers Friday night so if you can schedule to come by next week and see the new showroom (Aug 8-12) that would be awesome.

Gotta bring R.J. with you too to try the trumpets. :)


@ stradivarius151 - They definitely give good 'edge' more naturally, but they can be backed off some as well. They are worth a try at the price, plus we give a 7 day trial, money back guarantee. And we have alot of sizes in stock now. Call if you have questions specific to the piece: 904.996.9312.


CE Winds
@fusion1 - The ligs are OK, useable, I think better than the Guardala lig, but it's always worth trying a different one out, you never know until you try. We are actually working with a company now and may roll out a upgrade lig to fit out pieces, but that is probably closer to the end of the year. They will always come with the standard lig, which works with the piece. They also have a cap with them. (the Silver Shockas and Godl Genesis do, we have a new model being released soon that does not have a lig or cap)
It's awesome, we just did some audio/video yesterday and they will be posted soon. It's full, loud, powerful, rounded sound, but can be backed off, and has awesome response.... great funk, contemporary, rock piece. The video will answer alot of questions. John M did the shoot for us and he loved the piece. We will post here when it's available for purchase.

As far as ligs, there are a few Rovners (not sure the exact models) that have worked for people, but usually I hear that people have one custom made anyway just because it takes out the guessing work. There is not too much out there unless it is custom made. We have a leather lig that works, but when I've used them, if I adjust my mouthpiece with the reed on it, it has slipped a few times. So they can work, and it's an option for people.
@cvsimson - I would definitely lean towards the Shocka if you are going for edge... the Gold Genesis will give the sax a full, warmer sound, which is a nice in a TT because of the semi-focused core sound they produce.

Since the TT already has some focus, the Silver Shocka can help enhance the sound a bit, opening it up and allowing you to get the edge easily without having to push it too hard. Wider opening, softer reed, is the combination I would go with.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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