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Case for The Martin

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Lookin for a modern case that will fit my the martin tenor. Any help???
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id always go with Hiscox new lifelite model, almost stab proof, will take left or right or left/right bell keys
Yep, hiscox are bullet-proof except for a real bullet!!!!!
I had anvil make a case for my The Martin.
I had a THE MARTIN tenor in a Propac countoured case that was not the current model, but about 10 years old, and it worked fine.
Propac has been changing and 'improving' its case over the years, but the version up to the last year or two I think will work. With the new one, i dont know, maybe it will work too.
I also used a SKB140 countored case and it worked. I dont recall iif i had to pound down the foam inside the case or not, but i got it working.

So mostly likely the current SkB and Protec cases will work, you can try them out.
I've got mine in an SKB contoured. The only place I had to knock the stuffing down is where the post supports the guard for B and Bb.
Works really well - has taken some hard knocks with no damage to the horn..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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