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Case for S1 alto

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After a year's passive search I just picked up a nice S1 alto and I wonder if there are any good cases that fit. The angle between the body and the bell seems wider than the Selmer clones so it does not fit in any of the cases I've tried. It did not fit at all in a Selmer (BAM) soft case and it was very tight in a contoured Protec. I fear that the body will bend over time if I force it down into the Protec.

I have the original case, but I'd prefer something lighter and with a shoulder strap.

What are you using?
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I have a “Bags” flight case and it fits my S1 perfectly. Very sturdy and high quality, snug fit, has shoulder strap and large compartment for sheet music, recommend highly. They’re made in Spain and I paid about 250 for it.
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