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Case for Couf Superba I Tenor

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I've been looking for something very slim and light, but also something that protects very well. The problem is that my Couf Superba I tenor doesn't fit in anything that I've found. Any ideas or similar problems?

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Finnerski said:
I have a DJH modified Bari, which is basically the same as a Couf. I am waiting for my Pro-tec case to be delivered to me. I am told these will fit the Couf. You can get them at WWBW on sale for $178. Not the best case in the world but if you aren't traveling with your bari it should work out just fine.
I've recently sold a few of the new "Keilwerth friendly" Protecs for altos and tenors. They fit well. I'll have to check but I think we gave a better deal than $178, though.
shmuelyosef said:
Any further word on your Protec prices?
The Keilwerth-friendly versions are the same price as the regular contoured tenor case found here:
We offer similar discounts on sop, alto, bari, etc models.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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