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Hi there. I recently bough a Mark VI Bb Bari in this forum. I need to buy a case for it tho as it came in a golf club case full of bubble wrap.

Do you have suggestions? I've heard alot about the SKB cases (the silver ones or whatever) but I don't how well it would fit my Bb bari and I was looking for something like a gig bag, less bulky and lighter. I have a BAM softcase for the tenor and I love it. It's really light and compact but it has always protected my sax well.

Can't seem to find info on the lions gig bags. Is reunion blues anygood as well?

If you have suggestions please do tell.

Merry xmas everyone

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bari is is so fragile due to its size that a gig bag is a risk. the only time mine has ever been damaged was by gig back transport events. there are no cheap solutions. i dont recommend the protec due to its as big as the stock case. is your golf case hard sided? if so you can put the bari in a gig bag and then put the gig bag into the hard golf case. this is a low cost answer to the expencive formed bari cases and getting one for Bb can be harder
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