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Cannonball key heights

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Hi, thanks for looking and thanks for any clue on this in advance:

Just purchased a used Cannonball Big Bell 107000 Tenor.
Wonderful instrument, only suffers from bad intonation caused by bad adjustment of key heights.
Particularily the left hand korks for key heights are almost gone.
G to middle-oktave key connection kork almost gone.
Right hand k.h. korks have been partly filed so that right hand is too open.
So here´s my question:
Is there a "general" kork thickness for the left and/or right hand openings, that anyone knows of ?
Or does anyone have an original instrument in good condition where he might be able to measure the original key hights ?
Any help on this is highly appreciated !
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Once a key is opened past 1/3 of the diameter, there is not much change so if the croks have fallen off, then it should be fine, your best bet should be to take it to a tech.
habschi2 I think everyonrs trying to tell you the same thing, Bending keys is a common practice that is used in repair shops around the world, it is not dangerous and will in no way mess up your saxophone, unless of course, you let an inexperienced tech do it.(even those guys can bend a key) Most techs know how to level a pad cup when there is a leak, I've even shown my high school students how to do that. In all reality these is no such thing as corrrect keyopening, your horn may be completly different than the horn that was made right after yours, at least when it comes to key hieghts? MY big question is this, You say this is is a horn you jst bought, WHY DID YOU NOT TEST IT OUT BEFORE YOU BOUGHT IT? YOu always need to play on it and make sure that the horn is going to work for you. You may have just ended up with a lemon.

If you require serious help with this look up or even find Steve Goodson, I'm sure that either of them will be happy to take your money for cork.
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1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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