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Can playing saxophone induce facial paralysis?

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Hello everyone,

I'm a beginner saxophone player. I've played guitar for most my life but the saxophone is my dream instrument.
I attempted to sget to it three times and ended up with facial paralysis every.

The first time I practiced intensly, mostly with the mouthepiece for about 2 hours 30 at a time (on a row) twice a day. (Between 4 and 5 hours of practice per day)
After 3 months of daily practice, I got my first face paralysis and was diagnoced with Bell's palsy. Half my face was completely out. Eyebrow and lip down, left eye wouldn't close. Tertifying. I had to stop playing the saxophone until full recivery.

A year after, I got back to it. Same daily practice program, mostly with the mouthpiece. Two months and i got another paralysis on the other side of my face. Mild one, as I realised earlier this time. Had yo stop again.

Lately I got back to it and it took onely 2 weeks for the same thing to happen.

I asked my doctor if my paralysis could be provoked by the saxophone practice? He said it can't be. But I still think there's a clear correlation here.
What do you think? Did anyone go through the same experience ? Can the saxophone playing be the cause of this?

Thank you in advance for any help. I'm feeling very lost and scared of having to abandon the saxophone.
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I've never heard of another sax player experiencing this. But I suppose it's theoretically possible that something about the way you play is causing inflammation around the facial nerves involved. The pinched area appears to be in the neighborhood of the ear.
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