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Can playing saxophone induce facial paralysis?

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Hello everyone,

I'm a beginner saxophone player. I've played guitar for most my life but the saxophone is my dream instrument.
I attempted to sget to it three times and ended up with facial paralysis every.

The first time I practiced intensly, mostly with the mouthepiece for about 2 hours 30 at a time (on a row) twice a day. (Between 4 and 5 hours of practice per day)
After 3 months of daily practice, I got my first face paralysis and was diagnoced with Bell's palsy. Half my face was completely out. Eyebrow and lip down, left eye wouldn't close. Tertifying. I had to stop playing the saxophone until full recivery.

A year after, I got back to it. Same daily practice program, mostly with the mouthpiece. Two months and i got another paralysis on the other side of my face. Mild one, as I realised earlier this time. Had yo stop again.

Lately I got back to it and it took onely 2 weeks for the same thing to happen.

I asked my doctor if my paralysis could be provoked by the saxophone practice? He said it can't be. But I still think there's a clear correlation here.
What do you think? Did anyone go through the same experience ? Can the saxophone playing be the cause of this?

Thank you in advance for any help. I'm feeling very lost and scared of having to abandon the saxophone.
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Omg, I just started playing the saxophone, 2 months in, and I developed bells palsy. It started with intense neck pain, I related to improper position while practicing. It's day one, hope it goes away quickly. Whatever irritates your nerves. Cranial vii. Why??!?
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