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Can anybody please help me out with this?

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Hello, I've just recently adjusted an alto sax, a silvered professional sax of the late 1920s and don't know what to charge the owner. Can anybody please help me?

I have:

recorked the neck, cleaned out the upper octave key hole (on neck).
Cleaned about five pads with skin balsam.
Changed two pads (small high articulating f) and the lower stack (e, E).
Adjusted spring tension at two places
Cleaned the pivot screw hinges at six places and regreased them (with white lithium grease) at low Bb, B and C#.
Removed or reduced 11 leakages.
Adjusted the linkage between lower stack to (g#, G#).
Cleaned and reoiled one screw rod (for articulating drill (C,c))
Replaced a piece of lost shrink tubing and adjusted it as well as one piece of cork sheet.

To me the sax is now playable all the way down to Bb (or Hb).

Beg your pardon for posting here but I couldn't find any more suitable place. Because you guys have helped me out so many times before.
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Dear Stephen, thanks for your reply.

What is the price for an overhaul of an alto sax in the UK?

Best regards
Stephen, once again thank you for your clarifying answers.

Best regards Henning1
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