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I've come to the site of the texas saxophone quartet and I've listened to some of the songs online. Till I came to the 'pink panther theme' song.
Ofcourse I know the song and I'm able to play it and transcribe it. But there is a solo part for the soprano sax and I've never heard it in another version of the pink panther. I really love this solo but somehow I'm not able to write it down.. I'm not the best transcriber ever, but I've written some songs down.
In this song, my mind always goes to the baritonpart during the solo. I can hear get some of the notes in the soprano part right, but can't do the entire solo.
So, now I was wondering if anyone could help me and write this down for me?
I know it's some work, but I would be so thankfull. I don't know why, but somehow this solo is my favourite solo I've ever heard. (ok, i'm only 17 and probably haven't heard the best yet, but still..)

(edit: I only need the solo, starts at 1.25)

this is the link of the song and realoneplayer is needed to play it.
(realoneplayer can be downloaded here

I really hope someone can help me out.
Thanks in advance!
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