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Can any one tell me pls?

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I never play a Cannonball,but can you tell me pls, what the global series Tenor and Alto are like pls.All info would be helpfull
thanks guys
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No, many peope play CB's. If you are going for a Global Cb you wont find a brand new one they have stopped making them. But they are very good for the money the are pretty much the same as Stone series except without the stones and I think there are less choices in finishes as well.
Just go through and read all of the other threads in this fourm section to get all the CB info that you want.
This link may answer some of your questions about the Cannonball models. The Cannonball Big Bell Global saxes introduced in 2001 are well made and play great in my experience. The Big Bell Stone Series Saxes introduced in 2005 are even better in my opinion.

Yes jbtsax I have been on there site,but Im sure you understand that any one thats sells a sax are going to pump it up,I wanted to know from the people who have them and play them what they have to say about them.
But thanks for taken the time out to reply guys.
I have an alto in silver and lacquer that I like very well. I play my Buescher and Couesnon altos more often at least partly because the CB is so heavy on my neck. I have tenors that don't seem to hang as heavy.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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