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Can’t Play F. Please Help

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Hi guys.
I can’t play F because the key pad above the F key doesn’t close completely (there’s a gap). How do I close the gap? Please see image attached.


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The F, E, and D keys need to close the F# key cup located directly above the F. On a modern saxophone like a Chateaux you will find small adjusting screws in the "back bar" attached to the F# that allows the F to be regulated to close the F# completely. The cause of the problem can either be the cork or other buffering material on the top of the foot of the F key has fallen off, or the adjustment has just gone out of "regulation".

To adjust, take a small screwdriver the exact size of the head of the screw in the back bar and turn it clockwise until there is a positive closing of the F# key cup. Be careful not to go too far or the F key itself will not close. It is always a good idea to do these types of regulation adjustments with a leak light for more accuracy.
When it comes time to repair it properly I would suggest:

- Place a small cork under the back bar of the F# to keep it up.
- Find a long needle, some contact cement, and a single edge razor blade or "Exacto Knife".
- Cut a new piece of cork the correct thickness and width and attach the needle to the end.
- Put a small amount of contact cement on the top of both the cork and the foot of the key.
- Wait about 5 minutes.
- Carefully place the cork, glue side down onto the top of the key foot in the exact location.
- Remove the cork holding the back bar up.
- If the cork is too long cut the end with the razor blade or knife.

You still may need to make a small adjustment with the adjusting screw. It takes longer to write the instructions than to do the repair. ;)
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